Meet Carlee

It is time to invest in new solutions to old challenges and this work starts by transforming how we invest in our youth.


Leading through change requires an emphasis on relationship building, trust, collaboration, and a clear vision across the entire system. These are things that, when elected, I will bring to the Tukwila School board.

Hi! I’m Carlee. I moved from Texas to the PNW in 2012 and have called Tukwila home for 6 years. Building and strengthening community is at the core of my work. Over the past decade I’ve learned that strong and brave leadership requires a commitment to relationship building, empathic listening, and personal growth.

As the commissioner of Rain(bow) City Sports, my leadership has led to significant change and growth. This growth was achieved by increasing visibility as an organization, building a stronger community within the membership and achieving financial sustainability. As a youth development professional, I’ve used my expertise to foster environments where all people feel a sense of belonging, where they feel included and celebrated.

I am a proud member of the 11th LD Dems and currently sit on the executive board as both the Secretary and PCO Coordinator. Since joining the board in March of 2021, I have focused on beginning to build a strong foundation of resources, training and tools to support PCO’s throughout the LD that will last long after I am gone.

Why I am Running

The impacts from the pandemic have been immeasurable. We have experienced a collective trauma that will require a collective resilience to overcome. During the pandemic, I have watched people in positions of power struggle to make timely and effective decisions, often relying on narrow viewpoints from limited stakeholders.

While discussions were being had and decisions were being prolonged, teachers. educational support professionals, administrators, out of school time and child care providers KEPT DOING THE WORK and continuously feeling the impacts of leaders’ inaction. Now, more than ever, it is critical that our leaders listen first and then respond with thoughtful, intentional and informed action.

We are at a crossroad as a society. The time we are in demands that we invest in new solutions to old challenges. We can work together to create a whole-person and human centered approach to governing that focuses on responding to the needs of the community by meeting individuals where they are, building resiliency and emotional competence, and providing resources that build individual capacity and efficacy. This work starts by transforming how we invest in our youth.






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